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A DUI lawyer’s guide: The cost of pleading guilty to a DUI
May 24, 2022 at 7:00 AM
A beer beside keys and a breathalyzer.

If you were recently charged with a DUI, pleading guilty can seem like the easiest way out, especially if paying for a lawyer seems like a steep investment. However, what a DUI lawyer costs is nothing compared to what a DUI conviction will cost you. Fortunately, at Taxman DUI Defense, we have provided the premier DUI defense to all of Northern California for over 20 years. We understand the ramifications of a potential conviction, and we are passionate about protecting your rights and preserving your freedom, reputation, and livelihood.

Here is what a guilty plea costs you:

Financial cost

Pleading guilty to a DUI comes with financial costs that eclipse what a DUI lawyer costs. When charged with a DUI, you face up to $2,600 worth of fines.

However, that is just scratching the surface. The cost of a conviction plays out for years to come and can add up to $20,000 or more. This total includes paying for:

  • Bail
  • Monthly monitoring fees
  • Increased auto insurance premiums
  • Penalty assessments
  • Court-ordered alcohol education programs
  • Compensation for damages
  • And more

The amount you pay hinges on the severity of your offense and what transpired. $20,000 may seem steep, but if you were involved in a severe accident or were charged with DUIs in the past, it could cost even more. Never plead guilty without consulting an attorney.

If you are considering pleading guilty to a DUI, contact Taxman DUI Defense. We can avoid conviction or reduce sentencing to mitigate or eliminate this financial burden.

Career costs

When comparing a DUI lawyer’s costs to what pleading guilty costs, the ramifications of a guilty plea on your career dwarfs an attorney’s fee.

Pleading guilty means this conviction appears on background checks, which deters potential employers from hiring you, hinders job prospects, and impedes career advancement. Pleading guilty also jeopardizes your current job and derails your progress in your industry.

Plus, DUIs often disqualify you from jobs that require operating a company vehicle. Lastly, a DUI conviction irreversibly damages your reputation with coworkers and employers, making it extremely difficult if not impossible to advance your career.

Ultimately, the cost of pleading guilty is impossible to quantify, and it could cost you your career. Always consult with a DUI lawyer like at Taxman DUI Defense before pleading guilty.

Freedoms and privileges

Pleading guilty to a DUI also costs you freedoms and privileges that make paying what a DUI lawyer costs worth it.

A DUI conviction can cost you your license for up to two years following conviction. Losing your driver's license makes it difficult to get to work and can cost you your job if you have to operate a company vehicle. Losing the freedom and privilege to drive is significant.

Simple things like running errands, family visits, getting to work, dating, or participating in social activities become challenging. Just as importantly, a DUI conviction can result in rejection from college applications, financial aid applications, housing applications, and more.

A DUI can even cost you the ability to acquire professional and recreational licenses. Moreover, some countries also prohibit people with DUI convictions from entering, and DUIs can even negatively impact your credit score and result in jail time.

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A DUI conviction can have incalculable consequences on your life and loom over you for years to come. Ultimately, the severity of a conviction makes paying what a DUI lawyer costs well worth it. Fortunately, at Taxman DUI Defense, we have over 20 years of experience helping people beat their DUI charges in Northern California, and our track record of success speaks for itself. Schedule a consultation now! We will fight to preserve your future.