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What are Sacramento’s probation requirements for DUI charges?
June 22, 2022 at 7:00 AM
A car being pulled over by cops that will possibly result in serving probation in Sacramento.

A DUI has long-term ramifications on your life, reputation, and livelihood. Even if you avoid jail time, you face increasingly severe probation terms depending on several factors. If you were charged with a DUI, understanding what you are facing can be difficult. Here is everything you need to know about Sacramento's DUI probation requirements:

Conditions of DUI probation

Sacramento probation conditions can vary when charged with a DUI. Some hinge on how many past DUI offenses you have, but courts impose some regardless of your record.

If charged with a DUI, you must submit to a DUI breath, blood, and screening test if arrested under suspicion of drunk driving. California also has a zero-tolerance law for people on DUI probation, meaning you cannot drive with any measurable blood alcohol content (BAC).

While on DUI probation, you cannot commit any crimes. Still, conditions vary depending on your record.

First DUI offense

Your first DUI offense requires 48 hours in jail and 3 years of informal probation. Informal probation does not require meetings with a probation officer, but you must abide by specific rules, which include:

  • Obeying all laws
  • Only driving with a valid license
  • Maintaining valid insurance

The first offense also comes with a $2,500 fine and a minimum 30-day license suspension, though you can apply for an Ignition Interlock Device (IID). DUI probation in Sacramento also requires DUI classes. The duration depends on your BAC levels when arrested:

  • .08 to .14%: 3-month course
  • .15 to .19%: 6-month course
  • 2.0 or higher: 9-month course

Second DUI offense

A second DUI offense that occurs within 10 years of the first requires a minimum jail sentence of 10 days, 4 of which you must serve behind bars. It also requires four years of informal probation.

Rules you must abide by during probation are the same as with the first offense with the addition that you can never refuse a chemical test if arrested for driving under the influence.

The second offense also comes with a $2,500 fine, a three-month license suspension before you can install the IID, and the completion of the Multiple Offender’s 18-month DUI course.

Third DUI offense

If charged with a third DUI within 10 years, Sacramento’s probation requirements include minimum sentencing of 120 days. Typically, only 6 require being physically behind bars, and you can serve the remainder through alternative sentencing.

The third offense requires five years of informal probation, and the fine and rules you must follow are the same as with a second offense. You will receive a 90-day driver suspension, a restricted license, and likely require an IID for two years.

Since the DMV considers you a habitual offender, future traffic violations also increase in fine and penalty amount. A third offense requires completing an 18-month DUI class.

Fourth offense

Courts consider a fourth DUI offense a felony. Fines and fees can amount to $18,000, and you will face between 16 months and three years in prison with harsher conditions, which a judge will likely sentence you to serve.

You will receive five years of probation with the same rules, license revocation for four years, pay for DUI education classes for thirty months, and serve addiction treatment.

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