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When Do I Need Attorneys For A DUI in Sacramento?
December 25, 2022 at 10:00 PM
Just a sudden attempt to express the concept of crime.

Whether you’ve been to court for a DUI charge before or it’s your first arrest, it’s always necessary to obtain an attorney when you are charged with DUI. The courts are not concerned with whether you are a first-time offender; you’re being charged, and if you are in the capital, you need an attorney. When you hire experienced, proactive Sacramento attorneys, you will have the best chance of a favorable outcome and a quick return to normal life.

4 Services A Lawyer Will Provide in Your DUI Case in Sacramento

There is a wide range of sentences for those who have committed DUI, depending on whether it is your first offense, your blood alcohol level, and whether you caused harm or death to another person. Whether you are presented with a simple fine or with charges that include aggravating circumstances, it’s crucial to have experienced Sacramento attorneys on your side. The defense of your rights depends on competent, thorough counsel who will secure the best possible outcome for your case.

An excellent Sacramento-area attorney can make a difference by

1. Protecting Your Rights

Attorneys know your rights, and they can ensure that the appropriate protocol has been followed to protect your civil liberties. Even if you are guilty of committing an offense, you are entitled to protections that guarantee you are treated lawfully and appropriately. In Sacramento, attorneys will investigate and confirm

  • The credibility of the officer who conducted your arrest
  • That police conducted the appropriate testing in line with protocol
  • That the testing equipment used to measure your blood alcohol level was appropriately maintained and measured accurately
  • That the officer who arrested you had reasonable cause to conduct the traffic stop
  • That you gave legal consent to have your blood alcohol tested

If your attorney finds that these circumstances do not meet the legal requirements, they may move to have your case dismissed.

2. Moving to Suppress Certain Evidence

If or when your attorney finds inappropriate conduct concerning your arrest, they can ask the judge to “suppress” (throw out) any evidence that was collected inappropriately. Often with this crucial evidence not allowed, it is not appropriate to move forward with a DUI charge.

3. Negotiating for Reduced Penalty Charges or Strategic Pleas

As previously mentioned, Sacramento attorneys can fight for penalties that are appropriate for the nature of the DUI that has been committed. Hopefully, you have been charged with a first-time DUI where no one was injured and you are eligible for a lesser penalty. Even if it is your first charge, your attorney may advise you to plead guilty in exchange for a more lenient sentance or a reduction in charges. None of this negotiation can reasonably be carried out without the advice of legal counsel.

4. Provide Legal Advice

You wouldn’t have your great-great aunt Sue perform your knee replacement. You don’t let your kid’s best buddy do electrical work in your house. Don’t take legal advice from anyone but an experienced lawyer. Listening to anecdotal legal advice from friends and family doesn’t cut it when it comes to your future. In Sacramento, attorneys will advise and guide you to make the best possible choices for your case.

Ultimately, navigating the court system is a stressful, intricate process, whether it is your first DUI charge or your tenth! Legal advice from an attorney is crucial to ensuring that your rights are protected, appropriate evidence is presented, strategic negotiations take place, and that sound legal advice is dispensed. So make the smart decision, and Contact Taxman DUI defense when you need a Sacramento attorney for your DUI case.